About Us

The Gap Local Organic Co-operative, (The Gap LOCO) is a worker cooperative.  We want to create an ethical, democratic, egalitarian, and environmentally sustainable business that can survive financially as well as help other similar cooperatives to develop.  We want to encourage organic production to support your health, farmer’s health and the health of the whole environment. (See Aims)

We are a small group of 7 part-time workers:  Colin, Ceille, Tallulah, James, Kerry, Michelle, and Sophie.  (See Our Backgrounds)

We began in 2012 and after 12 months became a formally registered worker cooperative with the Queensland Department of Fair Trading.  (See History)

Unlike consumer co-ops where the consumers are the shareholders and elect a board to run the business, in our case the workers run the business.  We all have an equal vote and are committed to reaching decisions by consensus.   While our customers don't pay a membership or have any formal responsibilities, we seek to involve them directly by a profit sharing arrangement with customers and regularly sharing our financial position.  (See Our Model)