Our aim is to make organic food more affordable and accessible; support farmers and provide an alternative way of doing business that’s good for you, the farmers, the workers and the planet.

We want 

- To make access to organics and other ethical and environmental products easier to purchase and cheaper for people in our local area.

- To support the hard work of organic farmers and workers from ethical enterprises, here and in developing countries, by building a community of local consumers who trade with and provide other support to these enterprises.

- To provide a model of innovative business based on the values of cooperation, community and environmental sustainability, rather than conflict, self-interest and unlimited economic growth.

-To develop the business as a profit sharing, self-replicating, worker cooperative.

-To create sustainable paid work for the cooperative’s members by running an efficient profitable enterprise, in which the workers enjoy full democratic participation in decision making. 

- To actively support the development of other similar cooperative enterprises by sharing knowledge and resources.

- To financially assist similar cooperatives to get established.