Our Backgrounds

Prior the formation of The Gap LOCO, Colin and Michelle had run an organic home delivery business for over 10 years and had been involved in organic growing for over 30 years.   They ran the POD organic vegie farm on Payne Rd and then later an organic macadamia farm at Traveston. They are also currently keenly involved in both the Yoorala St Community Garden and the Balaangala Reconciliation Group Garden.

Camille is a primary trained teacher who is now involved in teacher education in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and our Shared History.  She has been actively involved in the Balaangala Reconciliation Group from its inception.  She is also a member of the Red Hill Paddington Housing Collective.

Deb has been a Naturopath for 23 years and has a practice clinic at Milton and The Gap.  She is a formation member of the Yoorala St Community Garden and an active member of the Nepal Australia Friendship Association.

Kate grew up in The Gap and has a certificate 4 in Naturopathy and is a trained early childhood educator.  She has a strong commitment to promoting and using organic food. 

Sophie has grown up in The Gap and is committed to organic foods and sustainable living. 

After completing studies, Len worked on an Australian Government aid project in Lao PDR.  He then lectured in Agricultural Science for over 30 years, with special interests in rangeland management and weed ecology.  He is especially interested in our new style of business and contributing to its development. 

As well as the workers in the co-op, we have the support of customers who not only want this LOCO to be successful, but are committed to promoting this new, ethical way of doing business.  Some of the customers and the workers have formed a reference group to help get the co-op up and running and continue to provide support and advice.  We are very thankful for this customer support and the skills and experience they have offered.  Special thanks to Rob, Jenny and Michele.