Produce and Products


All of our produce is certified organic

We stock fruit, veggies, herbs, eggs, dairy, dried fruit, flour, grains, tinned goods, pasta, nuts, juice, confectionary, spices and many grocery items


We only supply certified organic produce as this is the only way you can be confident you are getting what you pay for.  Any farmer/supplier can call their produce/products "organic" and as they are not required to have independent inspections or soil tests, you cannot be sure this food is free from chemical residues.  Certified Organic farmers have regular inspections and soil tests done by a certifying body to ensure that organic practices are followed.  Farmers pay a fee to be certified and we want to support these farmers who are willing to be open and transparent and who make a (financial) committment to the best organic practices. 

There may be good organic growers who are not certified but there may also be those wanting to take advantage of the high prices certified organic produce commands.  We want to encourage farmers to get certified and to support the organic industry so everyone can have confidence in "certified organic produce".

Some suppliers  muddy the waters by using terms such as spray free, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), environmentally friendly, sustainably grown etc.but there is no agreed or legal definition of what these terms mean. Without certification there is no way of knowing if they are operating on contaminated soils or "greenwashing".   


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